How Do You Write a Board of Directors Resolution?

There are circumstances in which it is impossible to hold a meeting of the company’s board of directors, then in such cases, the directors can act by adopting a written resolution with a unanimous decision.

What Motivation Do You Need to Write a Board of Directors Resolution?

The motivation of employees means achieving the goals of the company while respecting their interests. That is, motivation:

  • it is the process of achieving a balance between the goals of the company and the employee to best meet the needs of both;
  • the process of encouraging employees to take action to achieve the goals of the company;
  • creating conditions for the identification of the interests of the organization and the employee.

It is very important that all employees of the company understand that only by achieving the goals of the company can the goals of the employee be achieved. The company’s profit is the source of additional remuneration payment. It can be partially used for the additional rewards for employees, and if the profit is not made, nobody’s interests will be achieved.

What you need to do before writing the board of directors resolution:

  • analyze the current regulatory legal acts in the area to which the audit concerns, identify “problem areas” and try to eliminate them before the start of the audit;
  • analyze the regulation on the supervisory authority and the administrative regulations for conducting inspections (usually these documents are freely available on the official websites of the relevant authorities on the Internet);
  • check the presence and maintenance of the audit log in the organization;
  • before the start of the inspection, it is necessary to demand from the inspector a copy of the order to conduct the inspection.

The Best Way to Write a Board of Directors Resolution

Writing of board directors resolution is a complex process that requires making important management decisions in a short time, based on the analysis of a large amount of financial and other information. For a modern leader, it is important to be able not only to quickly solve emerging problems but also to prevent them in a timely manner, directing the business towards new opportunities and favorable development prospects.

The board directors indicators should correspond to the following resolutions:

  • measure performance in relation to meeting key customer needs;
  • ensure clarity of strategic objectives;
  • focus on key processes and critical indicators;
  • signal the improvement of performance indicators;
  • identify critical factors requiring attention;
  • provide a clear basis for identifying achievement of results and appropriate rewards.

Board of directors resolution is a tool for measuring goals. The indicators used to manage and evaluate the activities of the organization should be clearly linked to its goals, that is, they should be formed based on its content. The resolution helps to achieve the company’s goals, helping managers to more effectively manage the available resources in key areas of activity based on information about the economic and operational activities of the company, deviations of the plan from the fact.

The main difficulties arise at the stage of the board of directors resolution implementation, if this system is perceived only as a motivation system, and not as a goal-based management system. Board management is an advanced method of business and personnel management. It involves the active involvement of employees in the process of achieving strategic corporate goals, which is one of the main factors that guarantee successful prospects for the development of an enterprise in a dynamic market environment.